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The Game Has Changed: eCommerce Curbside Recyclable Paper Mailers

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ProVantage KraftTop LinerX

Made from 70% recycled fiber and 30% virgin, the top ply is fully made of fresh fibers thus giving the same look and printability as brown kraftliner.

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ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua

ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua is ideal for packaging applications in very humid environments, with added benefits of 100% recyclability and higher run speeds.

Containerboard lifestyle image Kraftliner

ProVantage Kraftliner

The ProVantage Kraftliner is available in very low substances (starting from 20 lbs to 61 lbs) with an ideal balance of static and dynamic strength parameters.

Containerboard lifestyle image Aquaflute

ProVantage Aquaflute®

AquaFlute® provides excellent strength and firmness, even in very humid conditions, with a high resistance to compression for stability and stackability.

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ProVantage Frescoflute

FrescoFlute offers outstanding dimensional stability for superior box performance, with compression resistance for stackability and product protection.

Containerboard image Powerflute

ProVantage Powerflute

PowerFlute offers industry-leading creep performance, ideal for heavy-duty packaging and long-distance transport.



Our broad product range will meet our customers’ requirements for individual, cost-efficient solutions.

Composite Cans

Composite Cans

High-quality packaging materials for the snack food industry.

Insulation Facers

Insulaid® Facers

Our product range is marketed under the Insulaid® brand name. Insulaid® Facers offer versatile solutions to both foam and mineral wool.

Portion Packs

Portion Packs

As portion packs may be used for a wide range of applications, we offer tailor-made packaging solutions based on the customer's individual needs.

Performing Product in use


Fresh Food Deserves Eco-Friendly Packaging

Bag in Box

Bag-in-Box Barrier

The Bag-in-Box (BIB) packaging solution is ideal not only for transport but also as a perfect packaging method for easy dosing of larger units.

Laminating Films

Laminating Films

Packaging has a significant role to play in product quality, which is why we produce highly specialized laminating films.

Top coated label films

Top Coated Label Films

Our top-coated label films ensure excellent printing results with all standard color systems and (digital) print processes.

Standard Label Films

Standard Label Films

Our standard PE label films are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Release Liner for Fibre Composites

Release Liner for Fiber Composites

During the production of fiber composite materials film, our paper-based release liners are used as a process aid.

Release Liner for Graphic Arts

Release Liner for Graphic Arts

Used in a broad range of graphic arts applications, such as advertising films, in-store advertising, banners, signs, and reflective films.

Release Liner for Labels

Release Liner for Labels

We develop and produce release liners for point-of-sale labeling, primary labels for the food & cosmetics industries, and VIP/business systems labels.

Medical Release Liner

Medical Release Liner

Release liners for medical applications including transdermal delivery systems, therapeutic patches, adhesive bandages, and more.

Building & Roofing

Release Liner for Building, Roofing, and Automotive

Other fields of application exist where the release liner protects the adhesive prior to assembling and backs the material during die-cutting.

Hygiene applications

Release Liner for Personal Care

Our release liners offer transatlantic printing, coating, & slitting operations as a cost-effective solution for your personal care products.

RL for tapes

Release Liner for Tapes

Available in both single and double-sided, release liners for self-adhesive tapes provide excellent processing and protection.


Release Liner for Envelopes

Our self-adhesive envelopes and document pouches have various printing options to highlight your brand.


Feminine Care Films

Mondi has developed a lightweight film designed for single-wrap packaging for sanitary napkins.

Wicket Bag


These high strength bags offer customer convenience and outstanding product presentation at the point of sale.



Make life more useful with our new BarrierPack Recyclable, a leap forward in making recyclable flexible plastic packaging a reality.



Mondi's FlexiBag is used in a wide variety of industries, offering products that are fit for purpose and sustainable by design.  FlexiBags are used for pet food, pet care, lawn and garden among other industries.

Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouch

The Mondi Stand Up Pouch - Providing packaging for many different applications including pet food treats, household detergents and household goods among others.


FlexiBag Recyclable with Handle

Mondi FlexiBag Recyclable with Handle is reducing the ecological footprint of flexible packaging. Easy to carry, our FlexiBag Recyclable with Handle offers a top freshness slider, premium printing, clear windows, gussets, and so much more. This recycle ready flexible packaging design will meet current and next generation consumer demands. Mondi's FlexiBag is used in a wide variety of industries, offering products that are fit for purpose and sustainable by design.  FlexiBags are used for pet food, pet care, lawn and garden among other industries.

FlexiBag in a Box

FlexiBag in a Box

Recycle ready FlexiBag in a Box is ready to ship with a continuous brand experience throughout.

Flexibag Recyclable

FlexiBag Recyclable

Mondi's FlexiBag Recyclable is used in a wide variety of industries, offering products that are fit for purpose and sustainable by design.  FlexiBags are used for pet food, pet care, lawn and garden among other industries. The FlexiBag Recyclable is a leap forward in making recycle ready flexible plastic packaging a reality.

Single-Wrap Packaging for Sanitary Napkin

Single-Wrap Packaging for Sanitary Napkins

Soft and discreet pouch films with vibrant print quality and high quality stacking and machine processability.

Laminated Films

Laminated Film

Packaging has a significant role to play in product quality, which is why we produce highly specialized laminating films in pre-made and rollstock form, with excellent barriers against moisture, oxygen, odors, and mineral oils.

Airstream Bag

Airstream Bags

Airstream® Bags are tailored to fine powder filling requirements and high end air filling machines. A unique de-aeration system significantly improves the air-permeability without affecting the moisture protection function.

Peel Pak Bags

Peel Pak Bags

Peel Pak® Bags have outstanding filling speed and moisture protection. Utilizing the bag design, the inner film is hermetically heat-sealed. End users can completely separate the inner plastic bag from the outer paper plies which provide protection to the inner bag from dust/dirt experienced in storage and distribution of the filled bags.

PE-Inliner Bags

PE-Inliner Bags

PE-Inliner bags are equipped with a moisture barrier for hygienic packaging. Available closure methods are either by sewing or folding over/gluing down. Additionally, the PE-Inliner can be sealed separately after filling for increased protection. The PE-Inliner can be used with both open mouth bags and pasted valve bags.



The HYBRIDPRO bag is Mondi’s hybrid solution, offering the advantages of a plastic bag, yet is fillable on conventional paper bag filling systems. Outdoor storage for lengthy periods of time due to a film barrier against direct rain, moisture ingress and dust.

Pinch Bottom SOS Bags

Pinch Bottom SOS Bags

SOS (Block Bottom) Bags are the ideal packaging solution for a broad range of applications, including pet food and pet care, farming and agriculture, as well as building and construction material packaging.

Pinch Bottom SOS Bags

Pinch Bottom Bags

The pinch bottom (or fold over bottom) bag is an open mouth bag suitable for both food and non-food products. This style of bag utilizes pre-applied hot melt on the customer end/field closure, allowing the filler to close the bag after filling without having to purchase any additional materials.

Pasted Valve Bags

Pasted Valve Bags

Pasted valve bags are closed bags made of high quality materials, designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers with flexible closure options.