Building & Roofing
Release Liner for Building, Roofing, and Automotive

Release Liner for Building, Roofing, and Automotive

Other fields of application exist where the release liner protects the adhesive prior to assembling and backs the material during die-cutting.

  • Backward integration of supply chain
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Wide widths coating options (up to 2m)



Release Liners for the Construction and Automotive Industry

Mondi’s release liner can be customized to building and roofing products, where release valves can be adjusted according to specific requirements. Unprinted and printed options are available on the reverse side or under silicone. Contact us to learn more about product development and services offered.



Mondi's BitProLiner® is a comprehensive solution for bitumen roofing, tackling challenges such as chemical migration and production process difficulties. With a range of barrier options, different film colors, and various silicone chemistries, BitProLiner® offers versatility. Starting from a thickness of 20µm, it ensures safe and smooth rewinding of membranes and shingles, while providing optimal protection to the adhesive surface. Additionally, the BitProLiner®-barrier effectively prevents the undesired bleeding of unbound oils. Choose BitProLiner® for efficient and reliable bitumen roofing production.

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