Pinch Bottom SOS Bags
Pinch Bottom Bags

Pinch Bottom Bags

The pinch bottom (or fold over bottom) bag is an open mouth bag suitable for both food and non-food products. This style of bag utilizes pre-applied hot melt on the customer end/field closure, allowing the filler to close the bag after filling without having to purchase any additional materials.

  • Fold over bottom where graphics can be applied
  • Great for pet care and pet food products
  • Fats, oils, and strong odors are contained





Width: 10 in to 24 in

Gusset: 2.5 in to 8 in

Length: 21 in to 48 in

Number of Plies: 2 to 6



From 40 lb to 70 lb, with or without grease-proof paper and with or without PE coating


Up to 8-color printing plus optional coating

pinch bags

Versatile, Reliable, High Performance

For food, chemical, and other products sensitive to moisture, oxygen, or other substances, the pinch bags can be produced with heat sealable monolayer films, high barrier films, co-extruded barrier films, and foil barriers. Bags can be constructed with a heat sealed inner barrier ply and one-way venting features for powdered products. If your bag requires top-notch imagery, pinch bags can be produced with high-end graphics, process print, and high gloss outer surface. This bag can be made suitable for retail and club store distribution using high quality 8 color flexographic print with overprint lacquers for superior aesthetic appearance.

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