Peel Pak Bags
Peel Pak Bags

Peel Pak Bags

Peel PakĀ® Bags have outstanding filling speed and moisture protection. Utilizing the bag design, the inner film is hermetically heat-sealed. End users can completely separate the inner plastic bag from the outer paper plies which provide protection to the inner bag from dust/dirt experienced in storage and distribution of the filled bags.

  • Optimal for a variety of food ingredients
  • End user clean-room environment
  • Moisture protection




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Ideal for dry ingredients

Peel Pak® is a unique bag for the packaging of dry powdered dairy and food ingredient products. The inner film bag can be designed with optional venting methods to assist in product deaeration prior to stacking. For products that are gas flushed, bags can be produced without vents and high barrier films. The bag's flat bottom allows for better stacking and a more stable pallet for storage and shipment. 

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