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ProVantage Aquaflute® ProVantage Aquaflute®

ProVantage Aquaflute®

AquaFlute® provides excellent strength and firmness, even in very humid conditions, with a high resistance to compression for stability and stackability.

  • Outstanding Short-Term Water Resistance
  • High Resistance to Compression
  • Excellent Box Stability and Stackability




Containerboard lifestyle images Acquaflute

Excellent strength and firmness

ProVantage Aquaflute is a very strong fluting paper with best-in-class short-term water resistance. It is designed to support the firmness of lightweight packaging boxes even in very humid conditions. If you are looking for a fluting grade with a unique box stability when exposed to varying humidity, ProVantage Aquaflute will give you the best added value for lightweight fruit and vegetable packaging.

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