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Release Liner for Tapes Release Liner for Tapes

Release Liner for Tapes

Available in both single and double-sided, release liners for self-adhesive tapes provide excellent processing and protection.

  • Excellent processing and protection for the adhesive.
  • Release valves can be adjusted according to customer requirements
  • Unprinted or printed on the reverse side or under silicone


  • Your one-stop-shop solution: Mondi can offer all kind of base material (paper, film, PCK) as well as state-of-the-art siliconizing technologies (thermal, UV, with and without solvents)
  • All your needs : We are one of the only ones in the market offering all relevant base materials, be it glassine, CCK, PCK or other paper substrates and any kind of film, in different colours and combined with all available silicone technologies, to create the release value your product requires.
  • Properties: Unprinted or printed. Additional features: depending on substrate; like our structured AirX product range
  • Silicon coating options: One or two side coated/both side easy or modified silicone formulations. All established silicone technologies available (thermal, UV, emulsion)



Mondi’s Release Liners for Self-Adhesive Tapes

Mondi custom designs our release systems to be compatible with your specified adhesives, and in partnership with our clients, we ensure reliable development and delivery to your unique needs. Typical segments served are single-sided, double-sided and transfer tapes, double-lined transfer tapes and self-wound tapes.

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