Flexibag Recyclable
FlexiBag Recyclable

FlexiBag Recyclable

Mondi's FlexiBag Recyclable is used in a wide variety of industries, offering products that are fit for purpose and sustainable by design.  FlexiBags are used for pet food, pet care, lawn and garden among other industries. The FlexiBag Recyclable is a leap forward in making recycle ready flexible plastic packaging a reality.

  • Recyclable flexible plastic
  • Sustainable by design
  • Clear windows and gussets


mondi flexibag recyclable

Innovation Revolutionized

Mondi’s FlexiBag Recyclable meets the highest demands on convenience packaging. Our premade side gusset bags can be opened and closed as often as desired – and their contents stay absolutely fresh and optimally protected. FlexiBag Recyclable is suitable for a large number of applications in the consumer sector. Dry products in the areas of food, pet food, garden and building materials and powdery bulk goods can all be safely packaged in this flexible packaging.

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