Portion Packs
Portion Packs

Portion Packs

As portion packs may be used for a wide range of applications, we offer tailor-made packaging solutions based on the customer's individual needs.

  • Tailored solutions
  • High-precision technology
  • Barrier protection


  • Excellent printability for excellent image and apperance
  • Barriers against aromo, grease, oxygen, mineral oil, light and water vapor
  • Cost-effective solutions


mondi portion packs

Designed, Developed, Produced.

We can take advantage of decades of practical experience, rigorous production standards and high-precision manufacturing technology in order to always offer better performing and cost-effective solutions. Our paper, film and foil-based laminates are for co-extrusion coating and lamination are suitable for many applications of packaging. Possible barrier solutions include StandardProtex, HighProtex, Miprotex, and Sustainex.

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