Release Liner for Labels
Release Liner for Labels

Release Liner for Labels

We develop and produce release liners for point-of-sale labeling, primary labels for the food & cosmetics industries, and VIP/business systems labels.

  • Tailor-made solutions (release valve, printing possibilities, finishing)
  • One-stop-shop: film, paper, extrusion, top coating, liner-less
  • Backwards integration


  • We offer solutions: we ensure process stability and have a proven processability on high-speed coating and laminating lines
  • We are capable: in-house extrusion and top coating capacities, efficient wide machines and quality control online and offline
  • We are customer-centric: tailor-made solutions, optimized costs due to efficient machines, backwards integration & warehouse programs
  • We are connected: global with local roots, ability to support on a local level (logistics, technical support, local sales team)


Mondi Labels are Adapted to Specific Manufacturing Conditions

Mondi specializes in the development and production of release liners for point-of-sale labeling, primary labels for the food and cosmetic industries and VIP/business system labels. We understand that consistent high-quality release liners, adapted to specific manufacturing conditions, are critical.

Glassine SCK

Glassine SCK

Glassines are the most used release liner for labels with weight varying between 35gsm and 120gsm. They are highly calendared, cost effective and offer excellent die-cutting and a high level of transparency. They are not only heat resistant but offer also other excellent physical properties like good dimensional stability and excellent tear and breaking strength that is optimal for automatic high-speed dispensing. They are available in different colors.

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