Airstream Bag
Airstream Bags

Airstream Bags

Airstream® Bags are tailored to fine powder filling requirements and high end air filling machines. A unique de-aeration system significantly improves the air-permeability without affecting the moisture protection function.

  • High-speed filling
  • Effective moisture protection
  • Optimized to accelerate energy consumption




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Our Airstream Process

The air used for filling powdery products is channeled and forms a stream of air, which is effectively guided to a high-capacity outlet. The bags allow for a specially designed self-closing membrane function, located near the overlap on the back side of the Airstream® Bag.


The air escapes quickly and the filling process is accelerated. After filling, the barrier HDPE film fully overlaps and no perforation is needed. The bag stays completely intact and moisture is effectively kept out. The achieved de-aeration volume also supports a cleaner and more compact bag size. Easy-to-open and available with handle.

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