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Request the NEW White Paper that analyzes trends, behaviors, and insights of premium pet food consumers from 2019-2023.

dog and woman
dog and woman

What's Changed Since 2019?

In this NEW white paper, discover features that are important to premium pet food consumers, how sustainability claims affect brand choice, how colors and graphics drive purchasing decisions, and more. 

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4-Year Summary

Want to get an easily readable overview of how premium pet food consumer behavior has changed since 2019? Download this one-page summary report which combines Mondi and Dow's research since 2019. Learn about rising trends, and packaging features important to consumers and discover how the importance of sustainability has changed since 2019. 

Additional Research

Given the significant increase in pet ownership driven by the COVID pandemic, Mondi and Dow partnered with Weave Insights, a professional market research firm, to measure changes in perceptions and behaviors since the previous white paper in 2019. this study, in addition to the outcomes of comparing 2020’s research to the 2019 research, resulted in several significant conclusions, including significant behavior changes since 2019, during and after the COVID pandemic.

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