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We´re Mondi in North America.

Packaging & Paper Every Day /

Produced in North America for North American companies. With global sourcing for nearly any packaging and paper need.

Packaging Solutions tailored for your business /

More than 100 packaging and paper products customized to fit a variety of packaging solutions – that’s the force behind Mondi. And these customized solutions support your product distribution goals and store-shelf hierarchy needs down to the smallest detail. Our products truly preserve the things that matter to your business and to your customers.


Mondi is an international packaging and paper company with manufacturing sites in North America, providing key value chain integration for our North American customers. From managing forests and producing pulp, paper and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions, Mondi North America provides innovation at each step.

Industrial bags /

Our industrial bags are a strong, lightweight and sustainable choice for food products, cement and building materials, and agricultural and chemical products. Innovatively designed and optimized for high-speed filling and easy handling, our range includes open-mouth bags, pasted valve bags, water-repellent bags and a wide variety of bag options suitable for food contact.

Personal Care Components /

Offering a range of solutions for diaper and feminine care components, Mondi can develop the product support you need from elastic laminates and frontal tape to elastic film and single-wrap packaging.

Flexible Packaging, Bags and Pouches /

Our consumer goods packaging products help brands communicate with customers, extend shelf life and improve end-user convenience. Mondi teams produce attractive and convenient packaging such as pre-made bags and pouches, printed laminates and high-extrusion films for the consumer industry.

Technical Films /

Technical films from Mondi are adding performance to your products for a wide range of industries. They provide protective barriers in packaging applications, boost material performance and support the label industry with high quality label films.

Release Liners /

With Mondi release liners, our customers’ products stick where they should. Mondi is a leading global supplier of silicone-coated and specialty release liners, specifically designed for the adhesive industry.

Sack Kraft Paper /

With more than 100 years of expertise in the paper making industry, Mondi ranks among the leading suppliers of both high-quality sack kraft papers, and bleached and unbleached market pulp. Our portfolio includes brown, white and PE-coated paper grades for valve and open mouth industrial bags.

Specialty Kraft Paper /

We innovate the paper-based packaging supply chain. With our specialty kraft paper, customers benefit from a comprehensive range of products to fit individual requirements including heavy-duty industrial packaging and retail shopping bags to attractive food packaging for store shelves.

Barrier Coatings /

Mondi offers a portfolio of high-quality barrier solutions used in several industries for applications such as food packaging, building insulation, wrappers and case linings as well as automotive and protective clothing.

Containerboard /

We rank among the top as international suppliers of virgin and recycled containerboard. Within our diverse containerboard product portfolio, Mondi supplies corrugated box solutions that are tailored to the needs of both corrugated packaging producers and their end-users.

Professional Printing Papers /

When it comes to personalized color printing, Mondi’s high-speed inkjet printing technology offers increased productivity through faster output.