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Mondi manufactures a wide-range of innovative products in North America to serve our customers in both North and South America.

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Pinch Bottom SOS Bags /

This popular bag solution on the market – the SOS (Self Opening Square or Block Bottom) Bag – is available in any material combinations and with various features. To optimally preserve the product, Mondi’s packaging solutions are available with a film liner, PE-coated inner ply, or grease-proof paper. The bag is supplied with a steped end and pre-applied hot melt for easy closing once the bag is filled.

Benefits /

  • Full-surface print on bottom
  • Attractive appearance with additional gloss features
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging
  • Suitable for automated fill-and-seal machines

Specifications /

Printing Technology

Color Printing

Number of Plies

Basis Weight

Water Vapor Transmission




Up to 8-color flexo printing

 Up to 8-color printing, plus optional coating

2 to 4

20 lb. to 70 lb.

PE-coated paper or films available for additional barrier protection

9 in to 18 in

20 in to 39 in

4.5 in to 10 in

This bag is suitable for food and non-food products.  A Mondi representative can provide the specific regulatory compliances.

Applications /

SOS (Block Bottom) Bags are the ideal packaging solution for a broad range of applications, including pet food and pet care, farming and agriculture, as well as building and construction material packaging.




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