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Mondi manufactures a wide-range of innovative products in North America to serve our customers in both North and South America.

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Outstanding filling speed and moisture protection

Peel Pak® is a unique bag for the packaging of dry powdered dairy and food ingredient products. Utilizing the bag in a bag design, the inner film bag is hermetically heat-sealed. End users can completely separate the inner plastic bag from the outer paper plies which provide protection to the inner bag from dust/dirt experienced in storage and distribution of the filled bags. The film bag can be designed with optional venting methods to assist in product de-aeration prior to stacking. For products that are gas flushed, bags can be produced without vents and high barrier films.  The bag’s flat bottom allows for better stacking and a more stable pallet for storage and shipment.

Benefits /

  • Suitable for end user clean-room environment
  • Venting system for increased product de-aeration and unit load stability
  • Heat-sealed inner bag for product moisture protection
  • Flat bottom for better storage and transport

Specifications /




Number of Plies

Color Printing

Base Paper

20 in to 23 in

4.5 in to 8 in

28 in to 40 in

2 to 4

up to 8-color printing

40 lb. to 70 lb.

Applications /

Peel Pak® is optimal for a variety of food ingredients, including skim, nonfat, and whole milk as well as milk protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolates, emulsifiers, levening agents, spices, and sweeteners.

Optional /

Easy Open

An integrated tear-open strip allows easy opening of the bag to quickly release the contents, eliminating paper shreds that can contaminate your product when opening the bag with common devices.


Inner Polyethylene Bag

Options are available for standard and high barrier films for the inner polyethylene bag. Tubular film offers the highest quality and meets the most stringent food safety requirements. The inner barrier film can be designed to meet specific product needs.




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