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Bringing fresh thinking to food safety

At Mondi, we collaborate with you to provide intelligent products that meet the highest quality standards.


Our flexible packaging solutions include high-quality printed laminates and barrier materials, premade stand-up pouches, single-serve pouches, small-spouted pouches, pinch bottom, pasted valve, closable bags and open-mouth packaging solutions. Our laminating film provides barriers against water vapor, oxygen or nitrogen and adjustable features for peeling, antifogging or reclosing. And we print it all beautifully, utilizing the latest printing technology. Put it all together, and Mondi can match your needs – whether fresh, frozen or processed.


At Mondi, we also offer sustainable food contact certified barrier materials for shallow trays for fresh sliced products, for dried and dehydrated food packaging, portion packs, composite cans and a wide range of pouch solutions that show excellent barrier properties against aromas, grease, water vapor and more. Our kraft paper, produced from 100% virgin fiber, meets the highest standards for food safety. It’s approved for direct food contact and complies with US FDA regulations. Our industrial bags are produced in plants specially certified for food contact – SQF and IABO qualified as superior ISO 14001 – ensuring ideal protection and durable storage quality.


We know food safety is your number one priority. It's ours too. We'll design the packaging solution with the barrier design that ensures optimum freshness.


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Biobased Films /

  • Improved environmental footprint
  • High renewable content
  • Quantified with LCA methodology and/or radiocarbon analysis
  • Drop-in solutions for polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide or other polymers
  • No change of film performance




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