At Mondi, we provide you with total functionality that helps you advance your business. Count on us to deliver solutions in innovation-driven markets that are designed for flawless integration into your production processes. Sustainability options are also available, such as recyclable mono-materials, reduced carbon footprint, and bio-based films.


  • Extended shelf life due to the use of latest barrier technology
  • Outstanding flex-crack resistance
  • Replacement of metPET films possible
  • “Single-ply Bag” structures, allow bag making without PE inner layer.
  • Structures ready for hot and cold filling
  • 100% surface inspection during production
  • State of the art extrusion lines allow structures with up to 18 layers
  • outstanding hygiene environment.
  • Full equipped laboratory for analyses and QM
  • Recourses for product development to customize the film to your ideas


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