The pinch bottom (or fold over bottom) bag is an open mouth bag suitable for both food and non-food products. This style of bag utilizes pre-applied hot melt on the customer end/field closure, allowing the filler to close the bag after filling without having to purchase any additional materials. An additional benefit includes a fold over bottom, where graphics can be applied to help brand and identify the product. Side gusseted bags are most common for their ability to form excellent filled bag pallets without overhang, while non-gusseted (flat tube) bags can also be produced.

For food, chemical, and other products sensitive to moisture, oxygen, or other substances, the pinch bags can be produced with heat sealable monolayer films, high barrier films, co-extruded barrier films, and foil barriers. Bags can be constructed with a heat sealed inner barrier ply and one-way venting features for powdered products.

If your bag contains fats, oils, strong odors, or other components that you are trying to keep in the product, the high barrier films can also contain these materials so they stay in the product and do not migrate outside of the package.

If your bag requires top-notch imagery, pinch bags can be produced with high-end graphics, process print, and high gloss outer surface. This bag can be made suitable for retail and club store distribution using high quality 8 color flexographic print with overprint lacquers for superior aesthetic appearance.

The pinch bottom bag is simply the most versatile, reliable, high efficiency, high performance bag design that is suitable for the widest range of products. It can provide the highest product protection versus any other package option and is suitable for the most basic of products.


  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Variety of barrier options
  • Optimal storage and transport
  • Attractive bag shape


Easy Open

An integrated tear-open strip allows easy opening of the bag to quickly release the contents, eliminating paper shreds that can contaminate your product when opening the bag with common devices. 

Security Label

The highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label successfully combats product forgery.



10 in to 24 in


2.5 in to 8 in


21 in to 48 in

Number of Plies

2 to 6

Color Printing

Up to 8-color printing plus optional coating

Base Paper

From 40# to 70#, with or without grease-proof paper and with or without PE coating



Pinch bottom bags are used for high-end and sensitive products in a variety of industries, including building materials, pet care and pet food, animal feed and seed, chemicals and minerals, food (DIN EN 15593) and more.