PE-inliner bags are equipped with a moisture barrier for hygienic packaging. Available closure methods are either by sewing or folding over/gluing down. Additionally, the PE-inliner can be sealed separately after filling for increased protection. The PE-inliner can be used with both open mouth bags and pasted valve bags.



  • Various barrier functions available
  • Patented solution for optimized filling
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Food safe


Easy Open

An integrated tear-open strip allows easy opening of the bag to quickly release the contents, eliminating paper shreds that can contaminate your product when opening the bag with common devices. 

Security Label

The highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label successfully combats product forgery.



180 mm to 750 mm


70 mm to 1000 mm


240 mm to 1390 mm

Number of Plies

2-4 (including PE tube)

Base Paper

Bleached or unbleached paper ranging from 70 grams to 120 grams