Pasted valve bags deliver top performance wherever high-speed filling processes are used. The closed-bag design is made for high-speed filling through gravity packers, impeller packers, air packers, screw packers or grooved belt packers. Filling performance and protection properties can be tailored to your needs and can be equipped with PE-free film or PE-Inliners where enhanced moisture protection is needed.


  • High-speed filling
  • Flexible closure options
  • Optimal storage and transport


Easy Seal/Ultrasonic Sealable Valve

For enhanced cleanliness and product protection of sensitive goods, our ultrasonic sealable valves are optimized to accelerate the production process and energy consumption. Bags can be equipped with a sealable valve upon request.

Easy Open

An integrated tear-open strip allows easy opening of the bag to quickly release the contents, eliminating paper shreds that can contaminate your product when opening the bag with common devices.

Security Label

The highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label successfully combats product forgery.


For enhanced end-user convenience, an optional handle for better carrying comfort can be produced with the bag.




7.5 in to 27 in


3 in to 8 in


10 in to 50 in

Number of plies

2 to 5

Colour printing

Up to 8-color printing available

Base paper

Bleached or unbleached paper ranging from 40 lb. to 70 lb. Poly-coated plies or HDPE films (High Density Polyethylene) can be incorporated for enhanced moisture protection.


Valve bags are used for a vast number of applications primarily in the building materials and food industries, including cement, plaster, dry mortar, pet food, pet care products, animal feed, seeds, chemicals, minerals, detergents, granulates and food (DIN EN 15593).

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Pasted valve bags offer a water-repellent outer ply for high-speed filling of moisture sensitive goods.

Airstream Bags

These pasted valve bags have a unique de-aeration system for high-speed filling of moisture-sensitive powders and building materials.