Outstanding filling speed and humidity protection

Conventional industrial bags made of paper tend to be vulnerable to rain and moisture. In some cases, a switch to plastic bags may be the answer. However, this tends to be costly. The HYBRIDPRO bag is Mondi’s hybrid solution. It offers the advantages of a plastic bag, yet is fillable on conventional paper bag filling systems. It allows genuine outdoor storage for lengthy periods because the HDPE film is a barrier against direct rain, moisture ingress and dust.


  • Long-term protection against rain and humidity when stored outdoors
  • Extended shelf life
  • Able to be processed on conventional paper bag filling equipment
  • Glossy appearance
  • High-speed filling
  • Sustainable due to easy separation of layers for recycling


HYBRIDPRO is available in many different formats and specifications 

Although it was specially designed for building materials and cement, it can be adapted to most any industry.

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