Chemicals & Hazardous Materials

Meeting high standards for quality and durability

Coating, converting and finishing – at Mondi, we ensure a quality product from beginning to end. 

Our packaging solutions start with a wide variety of kraft paper and industrial bags, side gusseted bags, extrusion-coated barrier materials, printed film and laminates. Inside is a barrier design that meets your exact chemical or hazardous material needs. Next, we add the exact closure system needed, including press to close, easy seal, pinch bottom, pasted valve, slider and hook to hook. Finally, we provide high-quality printing technology to bring the packaging to life. 

Let Mondi be your partner for your most demanding applications. Our team can certify hazmat and DOT packaging internally, thanks to superior construction, solution-oriented design and state-of-the-art protection.

  • Industrial Chemicals /

    For strong industrial chemical packaging, Mondi is your partner.

    • A broad range of industrial bag solutions for powdered, granulated or coarse chemicals, tailored to achieve the best filling results and protection
    • Lightweight flexible stand-up pouches for liquid chemicals, offering superior convenience and design flexibility
  • Hazardous Materials /

    For packaging dangerous goods safely, Mondi provides exact solutions.

    • Industrial bag designs according to IMDG and ADR regulations; owning two accredited laboratories for testing industrial bags intended for hazardous goods
    • Multilayer laminates that guarantee state-of-the-art chemical barriers for civil and military personnel protection, while providing excellent durability and flex-crack resistance

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PE-Inliner Bags

These open mouth bags are equipped with a PE-inliner as a moisture barrier for hygienic packaging.

Peel Pak® Bags

These open mouth bags featured a heat-sealed inner polyethylene bag for packaging dry dairy and related food products.