Building / Construction

Mondi has built a strong reputation for solving tough problems making us the industry leader in building and construction, tape and release liner products.

From aggregates, cement, premixes, and insulation materials to building membranes and barrier and flooring films, we have a solution. We offer a broad range of standard and specialized industrial bag solutions for fine powders and other sensitive products packed by automated filling equipment. And our shingle tape protects serial numbers and prevents products from sticking together.

Mondi leads the industry in providing the highest quality silicone-coated release liners, engineered to exceed your requirements. We back them with precise customization, quick turnaround and responsive support. If you want the best solution for your application, Mondi gives you a technical and competitive edge.


  • Aggregates / Cement / Premixes /

    Aggregates, such as sand and gravel, call for packaging with outstanding strength properties. For bagging cement and powdered building materials, paper and plastic-based industrial bags are the preferred options. And to achieve the best packaging results for moisture-sensitive products, such as premixed building materials, choose Mondi’s line of packaging.

  • Flooring / Roofing /

    For the flooring and roofing industry, Mondi provides heat-sealable barrier coated papers and nonwovens, providing a moisture control barrier and sound absorption for laminate flooring and carpets. Roofing underlay membranes and vapor control layers that are UV stable, water resistant, fire retardant and mechanically very strong are available and can be customized to your needs. 

    Mondi offers silicone release liner films for self-adhesive roofing membranes and modified bitumen webs, which can be further enhanced to facilitate the emission of hot air and humidity or avoid the “bleeding out” of unbound oils. PVC-free flooring films for interior room applications are available in a wide variety of designs, offering durability, improved noise reduction and a pleasant feel.

  • Insulation Materials /

    Mondi’s production innovations include a broad range of high-performing insulation materials. Foam insulation facings with outstanding barrier properties and weather-resistant breathable membranes for house wrapping can be customized to your specific needs. And geomembranes are available to protect buildings against radon and methane contamination.

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Pasted Valve Bags

Pasted valve bags are closed bags made of high quality materials, designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers with flexible closure options.


Pasted valve bags offer a water-repellent outer ply for high-speed filling of moisture sensitive goods.

Airstream Bags

These pasted valve bags have a unique de-aeration system for high-speed filling of moisture-sensitive powders and building materials.

Insulaid® facers for the building industry

Our product range is marketed under the Insulaid® brand name. Insulaid® facers offer versatile solutions to both foam and mineral wool.

ProVantage Powerflute®

PowerFlute offers industry-leading creep performance, ideal for heavy-duty packaging and long-distance transport.

ProVantage Frescoflute

FrescoFlute offers outstanding dimensional stability for superior box performance, with compression resistance for stackability and product protection.

ProVantage Aquaflute

AquaFlute provides excellent strength and firmness, even in very humid conditions, with a high resistance to compression for stability and stackability.

ProVantage Kraftliner

ProVantage Kraftliner is available in very low substances (starting from 20 lbs to 61 lbs) and has an ideal balance of static and dynamic strength parameters with optimum runnability for high speed corrugators.

ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua

ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua is partly water-resistant, making it ideal for packaging applications in very humid environments, with added benefits of 100% recyclability and higher run speeds.

ProVantage KraftTop LinerX

ProVantage KraftTop Liner X is a brown Kraftliner substitute and is made from 70% recycled fiber and 30% virgin. The top ply is fully made of fresh fibers thus giving the same look and printability of brown kraftliner.


Available in both single and double-sided, release liners for self-adhesive tapes provide excellent processing and protection.


Other fields of application exist where the release liner protects the adhesive prior to assembling and backs the material during die-cutting.

Graphic Arts

Release liners are used for a broad range of graphic arts applications, such as advertising films (vinyl, PET, PVC, etc.), in-store advertising, public and exhibition displays and banners, signs and reflective films.

Fiber Composites

During the production of fibre composite materials film- or paper-based release liner are used as a process aid.

Standard Label Films

Our standard PE label films are suitable for a wide range of applications.