SteamPack® is a flexible packaging solution that uses an adaptable steam valve to steam chilled foods directly in the microwave. Traditional puncturing is no longer necessary, which shortens preparation time and ensures the product remains moist. Special valve technologies ensure the product is cooked under pressure, preserving flavor, precious minerals and vitamins.



  • Flexible micro-perforated steam valve
  • Plug and Play system
  • Adaptable opening and cooking pressure
  • Maximum retention of flavors, minerals and vitamins


SteamPack Bag

  • PET / CPP and PET / PE (LLD-PE)
  • Frozen food, fresh and chilled food 

SteamPack Pouch

  • PET / CPP & PET / PE
  • Frozen food and chilled food 

SteamPack Lid

  • PET / CPP
  • PET / PE
  • PET / PET (+ peel version)
  • Frozen food

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