This flexible, yet durable, box-shaped solution fulfills all the requirements of consumer packaging while also being cost-effective. All six panels are available for graphics making this bag ideal for individual branding. Thanks to its great stability the packaging stands upright at the point of sale.

Compared to a rigid container, which is often heavy and bulky, the patented Squarebag is lightweight and sustainable due to the reduction of material used. It can be easily filled and transported offering real cost savings and reducing waste for the end user.



  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Sustainable due to less waste, eco-friendly
  • Outstanding stability with unique box shape
  • Visible content with transparent side gussets (optional)
  • Cost-effective solution, lower transport cost
  • Perfect shelf presentation in glossy or matte designs
  • Easy filling


  • Manufactured from 2 to 5 layer structures and is available in various material combinations
  • Supreme convenience features, such as closable zippers, spouts, and handles
  • Perfectly suited for liquids, as well as loose or bulky materials.

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