Mondi offers high-quality stand-up pouches with customizable sizes and shapes. The top of the pouch can be designed according to your specific product requirements and consumers convenience. In addition, the pouches are available in different material structures and with various add-on features such as zippers or tear notches for easy opening.



  • Attractive brand presentation
  • Long shelf life; preservation of flavor, texture, minerals and vitamins
  • Easy to carry
  • Less waste


Our pouches are available in various material combinations. The main material substrates used are PET, PE, OPP, CPP, OPA and aluminum and metallic films. Depending on the requirements concerning enhanced barrier properties, materials such as SiOx and EVOH can be added to the laminates. Thanks to the excellent barrier properties of these materials, an extended shelf life of up to one year can be achieved.

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This reclosable stand-up pouch is easy, convenient and made up of high barrier material.