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Better for the environment and better for business. Make life more useful with our new BarrierPack Recyclable, a leap forward in making recyclable flexible plastic packaging a reality.


Mono, Bundle and Label Film

Choose between unprinted and printed mono films roll stock, bundle films or labels, all with optimal barrier properties.


Flexible, lightweight and sustainable, this pouch-shaped solution can be easily filled and transported offering cost savings and waste reduction.

Biobased Films

These films are made of renewable biopolymers which can improve environmental sustainability and reduce the carbon-footprint.

Laminated Film

Packaging has a significant role to play in product quality, which is why we produce highly specialized laminating films.


These high strength bags offer customer convenience and outstanding product presentation at the point of sale.


An innovative box-shaped packaging solution with outstanding flexibility and stability.


Packaging that offers reliable protection for your products, clever features and excellent brand presentation.


This reclosable stand-up pouch is easy, convenient and made up of high barrier material.

Feminine Care Components

Soft and discreet pouch films with vibrant print quality and high quality stacking and machine processability.

FlexiBag Recyclable

Our new FlexiBag Recyclable is a leap forward in making recyclable flexible plastic packaging a reality.

FlexziBag in a Box

Mondi also offers recycle ready FLEXIBAG IN BOX that is ready to ship with a continuous brand experience throughout.