Mondi Containerboard is a full-range supplier of kraft grades, including the lightweight segment. Our Kraft portfolio provides the right paper solution for a vast range of customer and end-user needs. Strength in humid and water contact conditions – that is what makes ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua. It replaces wax coated board is certain fresh produce applications partly water-resistant and used mainly for packaging applications in very humid environments. No gluing problems and a better environment are among the benefits of avoiding wax coating.


  • Sufficient resistance to water penetration to replace wax-coated board
  • No glue-ability problems on the corrugator as only the top side has an increased water resistance
  • Economically efficient: no need for wax dosing units on corrugator
  • Higher running speeds
  • 100% recyclable for environmentally sound packaging
  • Recommended for use together with ProVantage Fluting Aqua
  • Ecological packaging solution for fruit and vegetables


  • Food & beverage packaging: Fruit and vegetable packaging, cold-chain packaging, high-humidity and extreme-climate storage, agricultural produce, secondary packaging
  • Heavy-duty packaging


Parameter Test method Unit of measure Substance (lb/1000 ft2)
25.6 27.7 30.7 32.8 34.8 38.1 41.0 46.1 51.2
Moisture ISO 287 % 7.8
Bursting strength ISO 2758 lbf/in2 84.1 89.9 98.6 101.5 105.9 114.6 123.3 126.2 133.4
SCT CD ISO 9895 lbf/inch 14.3 15.4 17.1 18.3 19.4 21.1 22.8 25.1 28.6
Tensile Stiffness index MD   kNm/g 12 11
Tensile Stiffness index CD   kNm/g  5
Wet tensile stiffness MD *   lbf/ft 15 417 27 409
Wet tensile stiffness CD *   lbf/ft 2 056 4 111
Cobb60 (top) ISO 535 g/m2 16
Cobb60 (bottom) 70
Cobb1800 (top) ISO 535 g/m2 60
Dennison test TAPPI 459 om‐08 No. 18
Gurley ISO 5636‐5 s max. 150


* After the Cobb1800 test performed on the top ply.

Typical values after conditioning measured at 50 ± 2% RH and 23 ± 1°C (ISO 187:1990)
Valid until: 31.12.2021 or until further notice

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