Constructing our homes and public buildings offers many challenges today.

Making buildings more energy efficient without jeopardizing the comfort is crucial. With our smart products and innovative solutions, we contribute to the effort to make performing insulations which enhance the living and working comfort.


  • Gas tight
  • Protection against moisture and harsh weather conditions
  • Prolonged insulation performance
  • Protection against moisture and dust proliferation
  • Anti-corrosion & chemical protection
  • Thermal and acoustical protection
  • Installer friendly



  • Insulaid® foam facers
    • Cavity walls
    • Flat and pitch roofs
    • Flooring
    • General purpose
    • HVAC & industrial installations
  • Insulaid® facers for Mineralwool
    • Inner walls
    • Attics
    • Flat roof General purpose
  • HVAC & industrial installations


Our facers are made with FexShield® technology and offer safe solutions for demanding conditions. FexShield® consists of a well selected blend of engineered polymers safely encapsulating each layer to a stronger laminate structure.


We are committed to finding the most innovative and effective solution for your business. Our technical know-how and dedicated people are the cornerstones for successful cooperation.

Let’s build the future together!