2021 Pet Food Insights White Paper

The COVID pandemic resulted in a significant increase in pet ownership. How did this affect trends in the premium pet food packaging industry? What packaging features do these new pet owners find most important? Is it sustainability? Recyclability? Nutritional information? Partnering with Dow, we have the results of these questions and more in our 2021 Pet Food Insights White Paper, with a focus on measuring changes in perceptions and behaviors in premium pet food purchasers since 2019.

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With an overall objective to understand consumer interest trends in the premium pet food packaging category since 2019, Mondi partnered with Dow and Weave Insights to conduct a survey comparing research to show any changes in purchasing behavior since 2019. Download a free digital copy of our slide deck to flip through the detailed data.

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2019 Pet Food Insights White Paper

Have you wondered about what factors drive premium pet food buying decisions, and how packaging impacts consumer choice? WE DID TOO. So, we partnered with Dow Chemical to find out, with a market study that examines those issues. The results profile premium pet food purchasers and examine their decision-making hierarchy. To learn about the insights participants shared, request a digital copy of our white paper.

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Download: 2019 Online Purchasing Trends Slide Deck

Online purchases continue to carve out a larger piece of pet food sales, which makes understanding online shoppers’ needs, preferences and behaviors critical for pet food manufacturers. We partnered with DOW and Weave Insights to better understand the differences between online and retail premium pet food shoppers. To learn about the insights gained, download a free digital copy of our slide deck.

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Pet Food Industry Video Library

Mondi is proud to be on the forefront of packaging innovation, and that begins with consumer research and industry insights. Explore video excerpts from our most recent webinar below.

Webinar Clips: Insights into how high consumers rank price in their overall purchasing decision for premium pet food

Webinar Clips: Examining the role packaging plays in developing brand loyalty for premium pet food purchasers.

Webinar Clips: How today’s pet food purchasers are more educated and ingredient-aware than ever before, and what that means for packaging.

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