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We know our customers and their customers are counting on us to deliver smart, high-quality packaging and paper solutions that make their lives easier, more efficient, more convenient – and we take that responsibility to heart. That's why the Mondi North America team is committed to going above and beyond to deliver meaningful packaging solutions that are not just the best, but also the most reliable

And because our products are proudly made in North America, we can confidently deliver on that promise, even with disruptions in the world around us. We're proud to contribute to a better world with innovative products, sustainable solutions and exceptional service. 

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Mondi is a global leader in premium packaging and paper with more than 100 key brands and 30+ years of direct experience manufacturing in the United States. We strive to provide our customers and their customers with innovative features and sustainable packaging solutions that keep production smooth and efficient. We are fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp paper and plastic films to developing and manufacturing effective industrial applications. We offer unmatched, state-of-the-art printing and recycling technology. Our approach is simple:

  • We develop close relationships with customers.
  • We listen to their needs and challenges.
  • We share what we’ve learned.
  • We make good on our promises.

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Latest Innovation & Research

Our world is ever-changing and at Mondi North America, we refuse to stand idle by continuously bringing on new packaging innovations and consumer research to our customers. It’s what we do. And we’re proud to be your partner. At Mondi Jackson, we know what matters most. We’re ready to solve any packaging challenges you may be facing for a truly streamlined experience with innovation at every step. Let’s see what we can do together. Check out these additional resources below on our newest capabilities, the latest consumer research, and a sample request form.

FlexiBox Recyclable

Add a recycle-ready feature to our large bag innovations that include top sliders for freshness, handles for convenience. It’s a win-win!

Pet Food Consumer Research

Gain insights into packaging trends and consumer preferences through Mondi’s extensive research program.

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Explore the many packaging options and convenience features available from Mondi.


We offer a variety of sustainable roll stock and pre-made packaging solutions that can be combined with high-demand consumer convenience features in a variety of formats – such as sliders, zippers, handles and laser scoring for easy opening. Our sustainable offerings use advanced engineering techniques to eliminate the manufacturing or consumer compromises historically required of sustainable materials.

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Sustainability Through Recycle-Ready

Mondi Consumer Goods in Jackson, Missouri, has partnered with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to offer recycle-ready flexible packaging through the How2Recycle Store Drop-Off program – a key option for brands seeking to enhance the sustainability of their packaging.

Flexible plastic packaging is not recycled by most facilities in the U.S. and is in fact landfilled, even when consumers place it in the recycle bin. Store drop-off programs provide a much-needed outlet for brands and consumers seeking flex­ible packaging that will be recycled. This program has strict material guidelines for acceptance.

The Mondi offering meets these guidelines, has been approved by the How2Recycle Store Drop-Off program and has the following additional features:

  • Available in Stand Up Pouch or Rollstock formats, in a variety of sizes and for a variety of product applications
  • Available with recyclable zipper for reclosability
  • Improved stiffness to weight ratios vs. most competitive products which allows for better shelf appearance and an improved fill rate performance
  • Available in Rotogravure, High Definition Flexographic or Ultra HD Flexographic print for improved image fidelity and package readability
  • Available in large bag convenience offerings with a top slider for optimal freshness and side handle for pouring ease
  • Customizable sealant layers available to optimize fill line performance

The How2Recycle Store Drop-Off approval is product specific, so even though this package is approved a brand would have to get separate approval for each product. Interested in learning more? Let us know.

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UltraHD Flexographic Printing

Welcome to the crisp world of UltraHD Flexographic printing

UltraHD Flexographic printing presents photos and graphics at 300+ LPI, making small and thin fonts distinct and clear. Using advanced separation technology to bring true-to-life colors and details to premium flexible packaging with type as small as six point, who says you can’t have it all?

Launch new designs more often

Order shorter runs without sacrificing printing quality or breaking your budget. Easily adjust your packaging designs throughout the seasons or by promotion.

Lifelike detail

UltraHD Flexographic printing more than doubles the resolution of typical flexographic printing, reproducing images with stunning precision. High-resolution photos appear realistic, emerging from the shelf.

Specifications /

  • Allover printing, including bottoms and side gussets
  • Matte and high-gloss inks
  • See-through windows
  • Options for UV fade protection
  • Range of lightweight to durable film
  • Natural moisture barrier

Compatible with these closure options /

  • Top zipper
  • Top slider
  • Hooded top slider
  • Hook to hook
  • Front zipper
  • Front slider
  • Zipper in gusset

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