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Mondi manufactures a wide-range of innovative products in North America to serve our customers in both North and South America.

Flexible Packaging / Bags / Pouches /

Bag /

Mondi flexible packaging bags offer attractive appearance and excellent stability, along with easy handling and product safety.

FlexziBox® /

Mondi’s FlexziBox® meets the highest demands on convenience packaging. Our premade side gusset bags can be opened and closed as often as desired – and their contents stay absolutely fresh and optimally protected. FlexziBox® is suitable for a large number of applications in the consumer sector. Dry products in the areas of food, pet food, garden and building materials and powdery bulk goods can all be safely packaged in this flexible packaging.

Benefits /

  • Shelf stability
  • Longitudinal sealing seams
  • Printable on all sides including bottom
  • Fresh pack effect
  • Top and bottom filling possible
  • 100% airtight
  • Good emptying without residue

Top Solutions

Front Solutions

Side Solutions

FlexziBox® Flat Bottom Bag /

The flat bottom bag offers exceptional steadiness thanks to its perfect box shape, which also improves visibility on store shelves and enhances the brand appearance.

Benefits /

  • Outstanding stability, especially for lightweight products
  • Attractive appearance at POS, either upright or laying down
  • Easy opening and reclosing
  • 100 percent airtight
  • Fresh-pack effect
  • Visible content by transparent side gussets (optional)
  • Eye-catching all over print with matte or gloss finish

Top Zip Closure

Hook-and-loop Closure

Top Slider

Hooded Top Slider

SpoutBag /

Liquids, pastes and loose materials are generally packed in rigid bottles, canisters or buckets. These hard surface packages are bulky and often heavy, increasing freight costs and loading landfills with millions of empty containers. Mondi has developed a collection of SpoutBags that are convenient, flexible and lightweight. Our Spoutbag offers a new packaging choice with various cap and placement options, as well as added convenience and reclosing features.


Compared to rigid containers or boxes, the SpoutBag is lightweight and sustainable due to the reduced amount of material used. It can be easily filled and transported. The pouches save a significant amount of space and offer more packs per unit. They are perfectly suited for liquids, as well as pastes or loose bulk materials. Proven applications range from liquid foods, household products, medical and pharmaceutical products to industrial products like motor oil, paints and lacquers.

Benefits /

  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Reclosing
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • High-quality rotogravure or flexographic printing
  • Sustainable due to less waste
  • 100 percent in-line inspection of spout seal

Specifications /

  • Can be manufactured from two- to five-layer composite structures
  • Can support large volumes as heavy as 10 liters or 2.5 gallons

SquareBag /

This flexible, yet durable, box-shaped solution fulfills all the requirements of consumer packaging while also being cost-effective. All six panels are available for graphics making this bag ideal for individual branding. Thanks to its great stability the packaging stands upright at the point of sale.


Compared to a rigid container, which is often heavy and bulky, the patented Squarebag is lightweight and sustainable due to the reduction of material used. It can be easily filled and transported offering real cost savings and reducing waste for the end user.

Benefits /

  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Sustainable due to less waste, eco-friendly
  • Outstanding stability with unique box shape
  • Visible content with transparent side gussets (optional)
  • Cost-effective solution, lower transport cost
  • Perfect shelf presentation in glossy or matte designs
  • Easy filling

Specifications /

  • Manufactured from 2 to 5 layer structures and is available in various material combinations
  • Supreme convenience features, such as closable zippers, spouts, and handles
  • Perfectly suited for liquids, as well as loose or bulky materials.

WicketBag /

Mondi's WicketBag guarantees an outstanding product presentation at the point of sale. The established solution is produced out of PE or PP mono or coex film, as well as out of laminate structures.

Benefits /

  • High tensile strength
  • High sealing strength
  • Excellent runability on packaging machines

Specifications /

Thickness Range

Material Range



Bottom Type



from 30µm to 110µm

LDPE or CPP, white or transparent

100 mm to 450 mm

220 mm to 730 mm

round, block

with or without

up to 10 colors




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