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Flexible stand-up pouches - clever and versatile packaging solutions

Pre-made stand-up pouches are becoming increasingly popular for many applications because they offer an attractive combination of properties: perfect protection, convenience, excellent brand presentation and a long shelf life without loss of vitamins or flavour. The flexible concept of our pouches gives customers a wide range of options to choose from, such as customisable shapes and various add-on features. The large display surface serves as an ideal eye-catcher with high-quality printing in up to 10 colors and the use of special inks and varnishes. Both convenience and environmental aspects, such as the avoidance of excess packaging, are high on the agenda nowadays. Compared to metal cans, stand-up pouches made of flexible laminates are less bulky and lighter for shipping, thus offering real cost savings and reducing waste for end-users.

For the end-consumer flexible stand-up pouches are convenient to handle (e.g. zipper, shapes), easy to carry thanks to lightweight packaging, easy to open (e.g. tear notch, laser perforation). They preserve flavour, texture, mineral and vitamins and cause less waste. 


  • Optimal product protection and long shelf life thanks to
    high-barrier laminates
  • Suitable for sterile and pasteurised applications
  • Low transport and storage volume
  • For hot or cold filling
  • Eye-catching brand presentation
  • Customisable shapes and sizes



Pouch dimensions



from 80mm to 320mm

from 80mm to 590mm

Customised base construction and shapes. All pouches available with a handle and a transparent window.

Opening and closing

Contoured for pouring, tear notch, laser perforation, zipper



Chemically stable, can be pasteurised and sterilised


We offer innovative solutions with supreme convenience features, such as reclosable zippers, tear notches and handles.

Single-serve pouches are very handy for consumers who wish to avoid half-empty cans or jars.

Another intelligent solution is our anti-staining pouch for products with intense colors. Throughout the retort process, the laminate retains its attractive appearance and prevents grease stains and discoloring – even with white designs.


  • Food
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Pet Food & Pet Care


Rotogravure printing

  • High-quality solution with excellent reproducibility
  • First class design outputs
  • High-speed printing process above 300m/min.
  • Our maximum printable width is 1,300mm
  • Applicable on various types of materials or substrates (e.g. OPP, PET, CPP or PE)


Flexo printing
  • Fast-growing printing processes for flexible packaging
  • Print is made with a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material
  • Our maximum printable width is 1,300mm
  • Additional roto station for either nine color jobs or to apply lacquers, e.g. cold seal or heat sealable lacquers or inks can also be applied on the reverse side of the film


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© 2018 by Mondi