We´re Mondi in North America.


Our in-depth knowledge of other markets allows us to offer a broad range of dedicated solutions.

In these highly competitive industries we aim to provide our customers with cutting edge and cost-efficient solutions.


Within the label industry, we are a leading supplier to label stock producing customers worldwide. As processing speeds in the label industry steadily increase, we adapt our products to our customers’ specific manufacturing requirements. Our expertise is unique and built on ongoing product and process development, long-lasting-partnerships with our customers, and the technical support of our skilled application engineers. We supply the self-adhesive label market with:

  • High-quality kraft paper grades
  • Release liners
  • Polyolefin-based label stock for self-adhesive labels
  • Uncoated face-stock papers that can be hand-written or processed by laser or inkjet printers

Label face-papers

  • Premium white papers for label producers
  • Ideally suited for laser, inkjet or hand-writing
  • Uncoated papers give each label a natural look and feel

Label films

  • Excellent flatness, printability and die cutting
  • Various top coatings
  • Applicable under wet conditions

Labels Release Liner

  • Widest product range
  • Paper and filmic liners
  • Experience with all major tape manufacturers

Speciality Kraft Paper

  • Excellent printability
  • High tensile strength
  • High stiffness
  • Flawless runnability

© 2018 by Mondi
© 2018 by Mondi