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Mondi Industrial Tapes

Industrial Tapes

You want industrial-strength options.
You get them with Mondi.

Mondi provides a broad range of coated paper and film solutions to meet your industrial tape application needs. Base materials include CK, SCK and PET, PE, and PP film. Our systems incorporate solvent, solventless and emulsion silcone technologies

Our Six Sigma approach to quality and process control assures the most exacting products to meet your specifications. Our experienced engineers and customer service teams make sure you get the expert support you need. And because we handle everything from coating to converting to finishing, you know you're getting industrial-strength quality from beginning to end.


Tapes Release Liner

  • Multiple silicone systems for high differentiation
  • Film coating in a clean environment
  • Laminated substrates

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© 2018 by Mondi