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Graphic & Photographic

When it's got to look good, look to Mondi.

Our years of expertise have lead to a broad range of highly sophisticated and customized release liners and extrusion-coated solutions. You can use our premium materials in many applications, including decorative and graphic arts films, reflective traffic signs, advertising displays and banners as well as x-ray films or light-sensitive photo paper. Our release liners protect the adhesive before use and provide a backing in the printing process. They are best-in-class with lay-flat characteristics, dimensional stability and stiffness.

In the imaging industry, we offer coated photo-base paper for inkjet coating as well as highly-innovative customized film components for over-laminating and encapsulation. Among the available options are anti-scratch, anti- reflective light blocking properties.

We offer:

  • Extrusion coated multilayer composites for packaging light-sensitive photo paper, graphic arts film, x-ray film and offset plates etc. Light tightness, water vapour barrier, easy seal, easy peel and mechanical resistance properties can be specified.
Imaging Applications

Coated Imaging Applications

  • Anti-reflection and anti-scratch
  • Excellent visual properties
  • Optimal light and liquid barrier
  • High structural stiffness

© 2018 by Mondi
© 2018 by Mondi