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Mondi is a specialist in blown film extrusion – with in-depth knowledge of the development and production of films and film-based solutions for critical applications. We're also a leading supplier of elastic laminates, elastic films and frontal tapes (mechanical diaper closure systems) for the diaper industry as well as siliconized films for individual sanitary napkin packaging in the hygiene industry.

High-quality label films and papers play an important role in purchasing decisions. As result, Mondi has become a trusted partner for the world’s leading hygiene producers.

We offer:

  • Lightweight siliconised release liner solutions for feminine hygiene that are customised to deliver premium quality and safety as well as superior processability
  • Kraft paper for release liners
  • Corrugated products as reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sound secondary packaging and display solutions


Coated Special Applications

  • Soft touch
  • Wearability and flex-crack
  • High processability
  • Optimal barrier against chemicals

Femcare components

  • One-piece solution
  • Cost effective
  • Wide design range

Hygiene Release Liner

  • Excellent runability and holdout
  • Patented system for filmic siliconised sanitary pouches
  • Printed or unprinted

Speciality Kraft Paper

  • Excellent printability
  • High tensile strength
  • High stiffness
  • Flawless runnability
© 2018 by Mondi
© 2018 by Mondi