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Food & Beverage

You work hard to make a quality food product.
Our packing makes sure it stays that way.

At Mondi, we bring fresh thinking to food safety. We collaborate with our customers to provide intelligent products that meet the highest quality and standards.

Our flexible packaging solutions include high-quality printed laminates and barrier materials, pre-made stand-up pouches, single serve pouches, small spouted pouches, pinch bottom, pasted valve, reclosable bags and open mouth packaging solutions. Our laminating films provide barriers against water vapor, oxygen or nitrogen, and adjustable features for peeling, anti-fogging or reclosing. And we print it all beautifully, utilizing rotogravure and flexographic print technology. Put it all together, and Mondi can match your needs – whether fresh, frozen or processed.

At Mondi, we also offer food contact certified extrusion coated materials for anti-microbial dried and dehydrated food packaging, portion packs, composite cans and a wide range of bag solutions that show excellent barrier properties against aroma, grease, water vapor and more. Our kraft papers, produced from 100% virgin fiber, meet the highest standards for food safety. They're approved for direct food contact, and comply with US FDA regulations. Our industrial bags are produced in plants that are specially certified for food contact (IABO qualified as superior ISO 14001.) This ensures ideal protection and the durable storage quality of your products.

We know food safety is your number one priority. It's ours too. We'll design the packaging solution that fits your needs with the barrier design that assures optimum freshness.

Sweets, gums and jellies, as well as chocolate bars, bonbons and pralines require safe and eye-catching packaging materials. Our offering includes:

  • Printed laminates and barrier materials
  • Extrusion coated materials
  • Wrapping paper
  • Reclosable bags and twistable packaging materials
  • Regular slotted cases
  • Uncoated virgin fibre boards in all colors
  • Shelf-ready packaging and point-of-sale displays
  • Laminating films that enable converters to equip packaging with special features for barrier protection, peeling, reclosing, or anti-fogging


  • Shelf stability
  • Longitudinal sealing seams
  • Printable on all sides including bottom
  • Fresh pack effect
  • Top and bottom filling possible
  • 100% airtight
  • Good emptying without residue

FlexziBox® - Flat bottom bag

  • Outstanding stability, especially for lightweight products
  • Attractive appearance at POS, either upright or lying
  • Easy opening and reclosing
  • 100% airtight
  • Fresh pack effect
  • Visible content by transparent side gussets (optional)
  • Eye-catching all-over-print with matt or gloss finish

Hooded Top Slider Bag

  • 100% tamper-evident
  • Excellent protection of content
  • Total and easy emptying of the content & easy to portion
  • Hooded protection to closure technology
  • Special high burst slider track for better content security
  • Top/Bottom filling solutions to almost any filling equipment

Laminated Film

  • High barrier films with/without aluminium
  • Optimal sealing materials with high sealing strength
  • High-speed films for efficient processing
  • Thin films with good mechanical properties
  • Food compliance
  • Up to five layer structures available
  • Roto and HD Flexographic printing

Mono Film Rollstock

  • Broad portfolio to meet specific requirements
  • Excellent mechanical and functional properties suitable for a wide range of filling equipment
  • High speed optimised film for improved running speeds
  • Grades optimised for sealing through contamination
  • Optimised Co-efficient of friction (COF) grades


  • Attractive brand presentation
  • Long shelf life thanks to preservation of flavour, texture minerals and vitamins
  • Easy to carry thanks to flexible and lightweight laminates
  • Less waste
Slide & Close Bags

Slide & Close Bag

  • Highly convenient (re-)opening system
  • Easy to palletise, carry and transport
  • High-quality print for optimal brand presentation
  • Long-lasting shelf-life of products
  • Sizes ranging from 500g up to 25kg


  • Convenient to handle
  • Reclosability
  • Easy to carry thanks to lightweight packaging
  • Easy opening (e.g. tear notch, laser perforation)
  • Preservation of flavour, texture, mineral and vitamins

© 2018 by Mondi
© 2018 by Mondi