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Building & Construction

You've got heavy-duty challenges.
We've got heavy-duty solutions.

Mondi has built a strong reputation for solving tough problems. That's why we're the industry leader in building and construction packaging, tapes and release liner products.

From aggregates, cement and premixes, and insulation materials to building membranes, siliconized barrier films and flooring films, we do it all. Our sack kraft paper grades are made from clean, virgin wood fiber, which guarantees high strength, high porosity, great runability and excellent printability. We offer a broad range of standard and specialized industrial bag solutions for fine powders and other sensitive products packed by automated filling equipment. And our shingle tapes protect serial numbers and prevent product from sticking together.

Mondi leads the industry in providing the highest-quality silicone coated release liners, engineered to exceed your requirements. We back them with precise customization, quick turnaround and responsive support. If you want the best solution for your application, Mondi, (formerly Tekkote) gives you a technical and competitive edge.

For the bagging of cement and powdered building materials, paper and plastic-based industrial bags are the preferred option. We supply:

  • Pasted valve bags that can be offered up to the filling spout precisely by an automated line. Made from high-performance sack kraft paper, they satisfy the requirements for quick, dustless filling and tough handling. Moisture barriers or sealable valves increase product protection and shelf life, while features such as handles or easy opening strips optimise end-user convenience and boost product sales.
  • Plastic-based bags, as well as form fill and seal films, offering special moisture protection and a high degree of stability
Mondi Airstream Bag

Airstream Bag®

  • Top filling speed
  • Effective moisture protection
  • Optimised bag dimensions
  • Compact shape, clean bag


  • Shelf stability
  • Longitudinal sealing seams
  • Printable on all sides including bottom
  • Fresh pack effect
  • Top and bottom filling possible
  • 100% airtight
  • Good emptying without residue

FlexziBox® - Flat bottom bag

  • Outstanding stability, especially for lightweight products
  • Attractive appearance at POS, either upright or lying
  • Easy opening and reclosing
  • 100% airtight
  • Fresh pack effect
  • Visible content by transparent side gussets (optional)
  • Eye-catching all-over-print with matt or gloss finish

Pasted Valve Bags

  • High-speed, dustless filling
  • Tailored to fully automised filling lines
  • Flexible closure options
  • Optimal palletisation


  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Sustainable due to less waste, eco-friendly
  • Outstanding stability, with unique box shape
  • Visible content with optional transparent side gussets
  • Cost effective solution, less transport cost
  • Perfect shelf presentation, in glossy or matte designs
  • Easy filling
© 2018 by Mondi
© 2018 by Mondi