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Professional Printing Paper

We are an international producer of uncoated fine paper products. Our high-quality papers are used in offices for all digital printing technologies and in preprint and offset applications.

The high-speed inkjet printing technology is one of the fastest growing digital printing technologies in the market offering a tremendously increased productivity over other digital printing technologies when it comes to personalised colour printing. Its characteristics are the high printing speed of up to 200 meters/minute and more as well as the use of aqueous (water based) dye and pigment inks. Mondi’s high-speed inkjet paper portfolio has been developed with the requirements of professional high-speed inkjet printers in mind. In close cooperation with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) Mondi’s high-speed inkjet paper grades were specially optimised for fast drying by absorbing water-based dye or pigment inks at high printing speeds of 200 meters/minute and higher.

For optimal protection during handling and shipping, we offer best-in-class ream wrapping and corrugated packaging solutions.

We supply the printing industry with a complete portfolio of high quality papers in all grammages to satisfy every professional printing need. We offer solutions for pre-print as well as colour laser, high-speed inkjet and offset printing.

Ream Wrap

Ream Wrapping

  • Excellent mechanical protection
  • High-quality print
  • Outstanding runnability
  • High-level moisture protection

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© 2018 by Mondi