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Medical & Pharmaceutical

Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging is an international supplier of laminates for the packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products. Packaging solutions, continuously modified and improved in close co-operation with our customers, guarantee very high standards of hygiene. Our extrusion coated materials for hermetically-sealed sachets, produced at a BRC/loP certified plant, can be individually designed thus providing optimum protection, customer convenience and attractive printing surfaces.

Health Care



  • Highest protection and hygiene standards
  • Superior convenience
  • Excellent printability
Typical product specifications:
  • Medical paper / PE (peelable)
  • Clay-coated paper / PE / aluminium foil / PE

Key features of our high-quality precision composite materials are:
  • Very high standards of hygiene (prevention of intrusion by micro-organism)
  • Protection against moisture, water vapour, gases, aromas, UV light, fats and so on

Typical packaging solutions:
  • LDPE coated papers suitable for radiation sterilisation, used mainly for single-use disposable medical devices such as surgical gloves, gowns, syringes and plasters.
  • Multilayer laminates based on clay-coated paper, aluminium foil, PET or OPP films used for packaging of tablets, granulates and powders.

Medical Release Liner

  • Excellent runnability & holdout
  • Patented system for filmic siliconised sanitary pouches
  • Printed or unprinted


Extrusion Coatings
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