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Extrusion Coated Materials for Special Applications

We offer innovative and industrial solutions for high performance applications such as protective clothing, hygiene, process liners and tapes. With our complete range of substrates, co-extrusion capabilities, polymers, printing and finishing possibilities, we tailor our products to your application.

Special applications

Our high-quality products and excellent service make us one of the leading suppliers of Technical Coatings worldwide.





Product Innovation

Mondi developed a portfolio of Functional Coating presenting outstanding fire performance, anti-static properties up to 10Ω5/m2, anti-bacterial/fungus and anti-slip coatings. 


Mondi Technical Coatings extrudes and laminates virtually any substrate, including but not limited to: paper, film, scrims, glass fibres, non-wovens, wovens, aluminium and carton board. We provide high-quality, reliable barriers against grease, water, moisture and gas diffusion for high-tech applications.

Our capability to offer a wide range of material combinations enables us to create products that meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Mondi Technical Coatings offers extrusion coated material combinations for hygiene applications such as depilatory strips, protective clothing, tapes, process liners, refrigerator backing, cable insulation, bead carriers, functional coatings.

Our technical know-how is the cornerstone in developing ad hoc solutions for our customers. We are committed to finding the most innovative and effective products and working closely with our customers to develop individual solutions.

Our technology combined with a profound raw material knowledge of non-wovens, wovens, films, scrims, aluminium, glass fibres, etc., guarantees that our customers receive high-quality, state-of-the-art products respecting the preset functionalities.

Hygiene Release Liner

  • Excellent runability and holdout
  • Patented system for filmic siliconised sanitary pouches
  • Printed or unprinted

Industrial Release Liner

  • Wide range of substrates
  • Optional features as flame retardency
  • Extremely temperature stable
  • Bleed-through protection for bitumen oil

Labels Release Liner

  • Widest product range
  • Paper and filmic liners
  • Experience with all major tape manufacturers

Tapes Release Liner

  • Multiple silicone systems for high differentiation
  • Film coating in a clean environment
  • Laminated substrates


Extrusion Coatings
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