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Automotive - Pro-therm®

Extrusion Coated Materials driving the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry we offer material combinations for headliners, hoodliners, roofliners, carpets, car covers and underbody panels. Our extrusion coated materials provide enhanced properties such as weight reduction, wear resistance, reinforcement and acoustical improvement. They are a cost-competitive alternative to traditional lamination methods.


Automotive products - Pro-therm®

The wide range of material combinations also gives us the opportunity to create products that meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Our high quality solutions and state-of-the-art technology make us one of the most preferred development partners in the automotive industry.


Mondi Technical Coatings extrudes and laminates virtually any substrate, including but not limited to: paper, film, scrims, glass fibres, non-wovens, wovens, aluminium and carton board. We provide high-quality, reliable barriers against grease, water, moisture and gas diffusion for high-tech applications.

Our capability to offer a wide range of material combinations enables us to create products that meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Mondi Technical Coatings offers extrusion coated material combinations for:

  • Headliners
  • Hoodliners
  • Roofliners
  • Carpets
  • Car covers
  • Underbody panels
  • Other acoustical parts

Our technical know-how is the cornerstone in developing ad hoc solutions for our customers. We are committed to finding the most innovative and effective products and working closely with our customers to develop individual solutions.

Our technology combined with a profound raw material knowledge of paper, films, non-wovens, wovens, scrims, aluminium, glass fibres, etc., guarantees that our customers receive high-quality, state-of-the-art products respecting the preset functionalities.



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