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Foam Papers

OLMO 2.0+

The new generation of process liners developed to improve our customers' productivity

OLMO Paper 2.0+ is an optimised solution that combines a strong Mondi paper with a special polymer layer which is tailor-made for the foam industry. This exciting new material offers major advantages in terms of runnability, productivity and environmental impact. OLMO Paper 2.0+ solves various production problems associated with conventional processing paper or standard polyethylene films and is designed to run on all machine types.


Portfolio Specification
OLMO Paper 2.0+ special Mondi paper / special peelable polymer layer


OLMO Paper® is used as a process liner in the slabstock production.

OLMO Paper 2.0+ more than a product:

OLMO Paper 2.0+ is offered as a full package, comprising an improved process liner plus additional services like technical assistance, cost optimisation, reel width standardisation and expertise gained from 30 years of serving the flexible foam industry.



Customer Productivity

Foam quality: Improvement of the surface characteristics and edge shape of the block. Up to 1% increased prime foam output.

Protection of the foam: Prevention of moisture entering the foam block and protection of the foam block from UV light.

Raw material savings: Coverage of the block on all four sides prevents chemicals from evaporating. Leaving the polymer layer on the foam block avoids material loss.

Foam Processing

Runnability: OLMO Paper 2.0+ is a more stable process liner developed to improve the foaming process across a wide variety of flexible foam types like conventional, polyester, high resilience and visco elastic.

Reduced risk of web breaks: Usage of a stronger paper with tailored characteristics for the specific needs of the foam line.

Production safety: Human contact with potentially toxic vapours is minimised due to the specific needs of the foam line.

Environmental Aspects

Recyclability: Undamaged OLMO Paper 2.0+ paper can be recycled in a number of ways.

Clean work environment: Workers are protected from toxic vapour exposure, and machine conveyors are kept clean from sticky foam.


Speciality Kraft Paper

  • Excellent printability
  • High tensile strength
  • High stiffness
  • Flawless runnability


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